About our Shop


All scarves are handmade individually.  Any duplicates requested may have some small adjustments. The best way to follow what is currently in stock is to follow our Instagram page for photo updates. Each weekend the scarves appear at 2-3 markets and sell rather quickly. 

If you wish to order a scarf based off a color scheme or see a scarf from past shows or photos that you wish to have made please feel free to contact us and we can let you know if we can duplicate your request. Prices for commissioned pieces may vary based on color, intricacy, length/width, and embellishments. Please allow 2-4 weeks for all special scarf orders. Scarf special orders will require a deposit of 25% of the final cost. 


All sculptures are unique and no two will ever be the exact same. Smaller pieces may be duplicated at the artists discretion. Larger Gallery Projects are unique and will not be duplicated. Each one taking 4-6 months to complete.  If you wish to inquire about a sculpture for sale please email us for details.


Seasonally we craft small sculpture pieces and ornaments for sale. We DO take bulk orders on these items but require you make your order request at least 2 months in advance. In the case that the order is over 50 items place your order 3 months from the date that you need them. These orders also require a deposit of 25% of the cost of the order. 

Flat Felt Pictures

Our flat felted pictures are a unique décor addition to any space. Some pieces may be considered for duplication or commission at the artists discretion. Flat pieces vary in price based on subject, dimensions, and embellishments. If you wish to order a commissioned piece allow 6 weeks prior notice to the date it is needed. There is a deposit of 25% of the final cost required for all special orders.


Fleeces are sold on an annual basis. Starting in 2019 we will have fleeces available for sale from a selection of our sheep. We will be updating with micron counts and availability after shearing. If you are interested in a sample or purchasing future fleeces please contact us to make your reservation. 


Cancellation of an order on scarves and small orders under 10 items is 10 days from the date the order is placed for a full refund of your deposit. ANY cancellation after that 10 days forfeits the deposit.

Cancellation on bulk orders over 10 items, Flat felt pictures, and specialty sculptures is 15 days from the date of the order for a full refund of the deposit. anything after that 15 days forfeits the deposit.


If your item is damaged or incorrect upon receiving it please contact us immediately. We will handle each case accordingly. Absolutely NO refunds will be given if the product is not returned to us due to damage or error.


New products are coming soon!